Help Scout vs. Intercom

Pick a platform built for support

Intercom has benefits for multiple teams, but customer support has never been their main use case. Help Scout gives you a better way to help your customers using email, chat, and a knowledge base.

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According to G2 users, the odds are in our favor


We scored 9.2 for ease of use compared to Intercom's 8.9.


The quality of our support was rated 9.1 compared to Intercom's 8.7.


Respondents gave us a 9.1 for ease of setup compared to Intercom's 8.4.


When it comes to being a good partner, we outscore Intercom 9.1 to 8.8.

Why choose Help Scout over Intercom?


Our customer service team is the reason customers keep coming back. Help Scout allows my team to do their job with ease and work faster than before.

Help Scout’s the right choice

If your team needs to get up and running quickly, there’s no better option than Help Scout. We also think we’re the way to go if...

  • Support is your priority

    We build tools to help you connect with your customers and our product roadmap and priorities reflect that.

  • Clear pricing is a must

    Don’t worry about surprise price hikes or upsells. Clear pricing is part of our philosophy, so you don’t waste time.

  • Great support is required

    From how we do sales to our approach to customer support—helpfulness is in our name and built into our DNA.

  • Growth is top of mind

    As your team grows, Help Scout is ready to meet the challenge with features like workflows, custom fields, and reporting.


Go with Intercom if...

Pricing that makes dollars and sense

No contracts, hidden fees, or complicated plans. We’ve got clear, per user pricing which means you don’t pay more for resolving more issues.

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per userUsers are members of your team in Help Scout per month

Intuitive, world-class support tools for growing teams



per userUsers are members of your team in Help Scout per month

Advanced collaboration and organization for rapid growth

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per userUsers are members of your team in Help Scout per month

Security, scale, and hands-on service for large teams

Make the switch, without the hassle

You can import your Intercom data directly into Help Scout. Get ticket history, customer profiles, and more as soon as you sign up. It’s automated, free, and can be done without your IT department.

The platform that’s
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