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Subscriber Reviews

This newsletter, and the writing, is almost always wholesome and I look forward to reading it in an otherwise busy inbox and life.

Zak El Fassi

Founder of Zaigood Inc

These newsletters are hilarious and insightful, and I look forward to reading them when they hit my inbox!

Steph Hackett

Support Specialist at You Need A Budget

You do a great job with making customer service related newsletters fresh, useful, and fun!

Taylor Burgoyne

V.I.P. Pack Support at earth rated

I love reading your weekly emails and always share your golden nuggets with the team.

Nickolaus Leonardos

Head of Growth Operations at Crock

I love your emails. They never disappoint. I always glean something meaningful from each one.

Alexia L.

CX & Operations Lead at Tradlands

The Supportive Weekly newsletter is the highlight of my work week! It's full of humor, wit, and well thought out pointers on improving your customer service and experience skills.

Niki Pierce

Genex Services

I genuinely look forward to this newsletter each week. I have never before had such a consistent and completely joyous experience with a newsletter in my millennial lifetime.

Katie Marlow

Partner Coordinator at Underground Printing

I enjoy these emails. They are short enough for me to quickly read through them, funny enough for me to enjoy them, and insightful enough for me to appreciate them.

Courtney Heintzelman

Compliance Coordinator at Forta

Past Newsletters

Patto, Patto, and more Patto

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Social Media Customer Service

Delivering customer service on social media channels is like having a family argument live on stage with Dr. Phil. Truth is real, but you're also playing to an audience.

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The Beginner’s Mind

Being able to put yourself back into the mind of a beginner, to see it again from their perspective, is a critical skill. Here's to never losing our learner's mindset.

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New Tricks for Old Dogs

Are you resisting change because it is a mistake, or because you feel uncomfortable with a new approach? The difference is important.

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