Shared Inbox

Wrangle Your Emails

Your email account shouldn’t feel like the wild west. A shared inbox lets you bring all your email aliases, social messages, and teammates into one place where everyone can get answers.

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Your old mailbox just got left in the dust

If things have gone from coordinated to chaotic, it may be time for a tool that’s designed with teams in mind. Help Scout does everything email does and then some.

Move over email
there’s a new inbox in town


A platform big enough for the both of us

There’s more to Help Scout than meets the eye. Our all-in-one platform has the tools you need to handle incoming requests, give answers in an instant, and send messages beyond the inbox.


Working out of traditional email platforms is isolating: you spend half your time trying to wade through what’s been sent, and to whom. Help Scout keeps all of that completely organized.

Jane Gerbrandt

Account Manager

70% of Help Scout customers make the switch from email

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